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Why Older Adults Are Choosing to Hire Geriatric Care Managers

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

As a person enters elderhood, it can be difficult to determine, and differentiate between, all the different services available to them. Between deciding whether to age in place or move to a form of assisted living facility (which type do you choose?), managing changes in physical and mental health with multiple healthcare providers, possibly having to modify your space and habits to accommodate new levels of mobility, vision, and hearing, managing your finances and legal matters, and much more, decision fatigue can prevent an aging person or their caregivers from proactively making the best choices and finding the best resources to take advantage of.

Geriatric care management companies, such as Senior Steps inc., have become something of a one stop shop for older adults, providing consultative services, detailed planning, referrals, advocacy, and support. An experienced team can assess a client’s needs in all life facets and put together a plan of action to tackle them so they and/or their caregivers don’t have to spend hours conducting research, calling companies, and wondering if they are making the right choices. In essence, hiring a geriatric care management company means having an entire team of experts behind you, from registered nurses to personal assistants, to administrative staff who can refer you to the best financial advisors, the right types of attorneys, and the best medical and assisted living facilities if needed.

Older adults are finding that they can save money, time, and stress by working with a team who can advocate for them when dealing with insurance companies, advise them on the most convenient and most affordable options for medical treatments and living spaces, keep track of their appointments and prescriptions, provide options for streamlining every-day living habits such as meal delivery options, and generally ensure they are well taken care of. A geriatric team’s advocacy extends to overseeing services by hospitals, clinics, and physical therapy providers and making sure the patient is heard and given adequate attention.

Stay tuned for next week’s article detailing a list of examples of unique services provided by geriatric care management companies, such as Senior Steps inc., and if you’re considering hiring help for yourself or a loved one, feel free to call us for a free consultation.

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