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What types of services does a geriatric care management company provide?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Many people still confuse geriatric care management companies with in-home care firms, assisted living facilities, or other services tailored for the elderly. In fact, a geriatric care management company is comprised of a private team of social workers and licensed nurses trained in all aspects of coordinating senior care. So, what are some examples of services a geriatric care management company can provide? Our team at Senior Steps, inc. has compiled the list below:

  • Assess an older person’s ability to perform their activities of daily living (such as walking, preparing or ordering food, bathing, toileting, dressing themselves, etc.) and implement changes to their environment to accommodate their capabilities. For example, for a person with limited mobility, a geriatric care team can schedule snow removal, arrange home improvement to install a railing, or coordinate with medical providers to acquire the right wheelchair or cane. For a person needing a higher level of assistance, the team can arrange for a live-in or visiting nurse or other type of service provider depending on their needs.

  • Evaluate living arrangements and provide advice on how to improve one’s space. For example, improving lighting for an aging person with worsening vision or implementing a system for an aging person with memory issues to more easily find certain items and remember to take their medications on time.

  • Communicate with several healthcare providers and coordinate appointments between facilities, making sure there is clear exchange of information regarding medications with potential implications.

  • Oversee a client’s medical treatment plan and advocate, as experienced professionals, for a higher level of care, more convenience, and adequate communication with insurance companies.

  • Provide some socializing and physical activity by taking a client on regular walks.

  • Regularly visiting the senior’s place of living to conduct wellness checks and evaluate their mental and physical status.

  • Act as an impartial third party in facilitating difficult talks with family members and loved ones.

  • Provide trusted referrals for legal and financial needs to avoid scams and systematic abuse.

  • Educate the client on different aspects of healthier living and help make concrete changes, such as signing them up for workout classes for seniors, arranging social meetups, subscribing to healthy meal planning kits, scheduling preventative care appointments, and more.

If you have been considering outside help for yourself or a loved one, call us today for a free consultation to see how we may be able to assist!

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