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Summertime Tips and Ideas for Older Adults

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

This year’s hot summer is afoot and the team at Senior Steps, inc. has put together some

tips and ideas for older adults and their caretakers to have a fun, memorable season safely.

Extreme temperatures can be unsafe for people of all ages, and hot weather can put the

elderly at risk of bad sunburns, hyperthermia, and even heat stroke. Below is a simple list

that covers some ideas for staying active, social, and cool while taking the necessary


  • Prepare homemade summer treats.

Online, you can find an abundance of recipes for healthy cold treats that you can

enjoy making by yourself or with a loved one. From nutrient packed fruit or

vegetable smoothies and juices, to refrigerated fruits dipped in chocolate, puddings,

mock-tails, and more, preparing your own snacks can be not only a fun, engaging

hobby, but an excellent alternative to store-bought snacks and a great way to cool

down. Frozen treats, such as homemade popsicles and sorbets, can be stored for

longer to have on hand and serve to guests.

  • Prepare weather-appropriate food.

Make the transition from warming soups, stews, and other served-hot meals to

cooler summer salads, charcuterie boards, and cold sandwiches and desserts. While

seemingly a small change, it can be a good way to switch things up, incorporate

more seasonal ingredients into your diet, and stave off any extra warmth and post-

meal heaviness. In addition, having a season-specific menu can create brain

connections that bring back memories of said season with the taste of its foods for

years to come!

  • Have a checklist for outdoor activities.

Summertime is the perfect time to go to the beach, have a picnic in the park, or catch

an outdoor game or show. It’s important, however, to plan ahead. Make sure you

have a way to remember your sunglasses, hat, cold water bottle, umbrella, bug

spray, and sunscreen.

  • Start some arts and crafts projects.

Painting the sunset in the park, crocheting under a tree in the backyard, or working

on a DIY project indoors can all be fun solo or group activities to stay creative in the

summertime and enjoy the weather without too much exposure to the heat.

Consider joining a class, whether one time or recurring, to level up your skill and

meet some new like-minded people.

  • Enjoy the outdoors in the early mornings or evenings.

Lean into the cooler times of day by taking a loved one or a pet on a walk or short

hike at sunrise, catch an evening game, or see a drive-in movie after sunset.

Senior Steps, inc. works with elderly clients and their families to streamline caregiving,

advocate for autonomy and quality in healthcare, help with activities of daily living, and

provide trusted resources to manage most aspects of life from legal, logistical, and medical,

to financial. If you or a loved one are curious about how our team can be of service, you can

call us for a FREE consultation and schedule an in-depth assessment.

Written by Layla Adawieh

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