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Read this if you're not sure how to help your Elder Parents

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

For so many of us, our parents crossing into elderhood often happens too soon. It can sneak up on us and leave us feeling overwhelmed with our new role as caregivers. If you feel under-prepared to handle the new position with everything it entails, from assisting with financial planning, medical care, and legal matters, to handling logistical preparations, mobility assistance, living arrangements, and so much more, you should know that you are not alone.

Research has universally shown that long-term caregiving tends to take a very real on toll on our mental and physical health, which can lead to a lower standard of care, burnout, resentment, and a deteriorating relationship with those we are caring for. While there are ways to streamline some common caregiving processes, those who are not sure where to start and what to cover can benefit greatly from consulting with a specialized and experienced geriatric care management service.

Here is an overview of what a quality care provider can help you with:

  • A free consult to assess your parent or relative’s specific situation and create a highly personalized care plan that fits your/their needs.

  • An organized follow-through that entails implementing all necessary appointments and taking steps to improve the client’s living situation.

  • Crucial preventative healthcare, including regular screenings for early signs of health issues and client education on best practices and incorporation of healthy habits.

  • Expert management of healthcare logistics, including taking over contact with insurance companies, managing appointments with multiple medical professionals/facilities, scheduling testing and procedures, and pre-scheduling preventative care appointments.

  • Trusted, highly qualified resources and referrals to manage legal matters and paperwork, banking and accounting issues, and the like.

  • Frequent and reliable in-person visits to build one-on-one relationships between the patient and the geriatric care team, encourage socializing, and diversify daily activities.

  • Staying on top of any medications or at-home medical care and routine assistance needed for the client.

  • Promoting a more active lifestyle by taking them on walks or encouraging exercise, depending on their physical needs and capabilities.

  • Aiding with relocating to a new home or to/from an assisted living facility.

  • Giving you peace of mind by being present and readily available for your parent when you are at work, out of town, or otherwise busy.

  • Being a strong advocate for your parent or relative’s best interests when dealing with attorneys, money managers, and healthcare providers.

Because each elderly person’s needs and situation are unique to them, Senior Steps provides many more services not included on the above list. You can put your mind at ease by taking the first step and calling us for a free chat about what we can do for your family.

You can also ask us any questions by commenting below!

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