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How To Choose The Right Geriatric Care Management Company

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

More people are opting to hire an experienced geriatric care management team to help them navigate aging safely and with more convenience. A GCM, or Geriatric Care Manager, can bring in a group of specialized professionals to help guide an elderly person through big decisions, such as determining the best living situation or navigating insurance coverage, or smaller scale matters, like learning healthier habits or automating daily tasks. Whether you’re seeking assistance for yourself as an older adult or for an aging parent, relative, or loved one, calling a geriatric care management firm and requesting a free consultation is an excellent first step. This week, our team has put together a list of questions to ask your potential GCM to form a better idea of their experience, qualifications, and services, and to determine whether they are the right fit for your needs.

· What services do you typically provide?

While some GCM companies only help with health-related issues or basic activities of daily living, some firms’ services are more encompassing and provide family conflict management, financial management, overseeing health insurance claims and coverage, referrals to available programs the client may be qualify for, advocating for the client in line with their beliefs and wishes, and more. You may learn that a GCM can include atypical services you didn’t know you can receive in the process of a consultation. For example, Senior Steps, inc. send out team members to take their clients on daily or weekly walks to help with their physical activity and socialization and can help you sign them up for the best automated aids, such as healthy meals deliveries, cleaning, classes, etc.

· How much experience does your team have working with clients with my particular kind of needs?

While some clients may only be experiencing normal challenges of aging, others choose to hire a GCM in anticipation of (or, because they are currently dealing with) an illness or disability. If the senior client has cognitive issues, a specific health problem, or difficulty with mobility, vision, or anything else, it’s a great idea to bring this up during a consultation and ask about the potential provider’s experience in dealing with said matter.

· How does your team handle emergencies?

While you should always call 911 first in an emergency, a quality geriatric care management team can be equipped to act as a secondary point of contact. Some companies may meet you at your home or hospital to ensure all parties are aware of your medical history, while others can alert your primary care physician and family members. Our team, for example, deals with emergencies through an extensive network of professionals who can meet the EMTs on arrival, be present for the intake, and ensure all procedures are handled the best way possible.

· How available are you for your clients?

It’s important to manage expectations beforehand and communicate the amount of care you’re expecting. A great geriatric care management company, such as Senior Steps, will ensure you are always covered, even when your main provider of care is not around, and are properly staffed for appropriate turnaround when you have questions or concerns.

If you can choose the right one for you, having a trusted GCM by your side is an excellent way of preventing many uncomfortable situations, health problems, financial issues, and general logistical inconveniences. If you are interested in starting your search, you can call our team today for a FREE consultation.

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