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Healthy Activities to Incorporate into Your Quality Time with Your Elderly Parents

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Our geriatric care experts consistently emphasize making the most of our quality time with our older loved ones. With busier schedules, it’s more important than ever to make time for enjoyable, memorable activities to do together outside of providing them with assistance. With that being said, we have compiled a short list of healthy, easy-to-incorporate activities to add to your plans with your parent or relative. The list will include something for everyone, including those with limited mobility, sight, or hearing.

· Start a hobby-related club. This is an excellent, long-term activity that promotes brain engagement and socializing, and can give you both, as well as other members of the club, something fun to look forward to every week. Talk about what your parent/relative enjoys most – is it reading books? Watching movies? Listening to or playing music? Even if it’s something that’s somewhat more niche, you will find others in your community that will be interested in joining. You can post in local Facebook groups, ask some neighbors and friends, or ask your geriatric care management service to introduce you to some like-minded folks. Keep in mind that your club can meet online or in person!

· Pick a day, or a few days a week, to go on a short walk together. Many of us are always looking for ways to incorporate more physical activity into our lives. Meeting a parent or older loved one before or after work to go on a scenic walk can be a productive way to spend some quality time together.

· Learn to play a new game together. This could be a board game, a card game, or even a video game! Games are an excellent way to keep one’s mind sharp and playing together can be an excellent bonding activity. Bring in more family members or some friends for an even better time!

· Go through old photo albums together and print out newer family photos. Going down memory lane can be a great way to share stories and learn more about your loved one’s past. For more creative types, try making a family tree collage or painting a family portrait together.

· Volunteer together. At a certain age after retirement, some folks can (unjustly) feel like they are becoming a burden to the world, which can lead to worsening depression. Picking a cause that you both care about and volunteering to help together can give you both an amazing sense of purpose and be a rewarding and memorable experience.

For more information on how to improve the life of your elderly loved ones and your relationship with them, please check out our other blogs, and feel free to schedule a consultation with our experts at Senior Steps!

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