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Fun Fall Activities for the Elderly

As a geriatric care management team working daily with seniors and their families, we find it’s imperative not to limit our focus to logistics around health issues, legal and financial matters, or resolving conflict. A significant part of our work also revolves around incorporating activities that promote an active lifestyle, are conducive to spending quality time with loved ones, and support physical and mental well-being. For this fall season, we’ve compiled a list of fun activities everyone can participate in. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Make your own autumnal tea.

Even if you’re not a tea person, making your jar of tea can be therapeutic. It can be customized exactly to your liking or given as a gift to someone in your life. It’s as easy as dehydrating some seasonal berries, oranges, apples, pomegranate seeds, and/or pumpkin chunks in your oven for several hours on low heat (around 150 F). Toast some Star Anise, ginger, pink peppercorns, cinnamon, or clove, and combine the ingredients of your choice in a mason jar that you can store in your pantry (or in plain view – they look very festive!) for the entire season. Every time you brew a cup, your place will smell amazing.

  • Start a Gratitude board or journal.

Most of us have had a rough couple of years and if you’re like most people, you could use some positivity! With Thanksgiving coming up, it could be fun to start a journal or board on your wall where you can write down one good thing you are grateful for each day. It can lead to a powerful shift in perspective!

  • Invite a friend over for a fall-themed puzzle night.

Puzzles are a relaxing way to occupy your mind and can be an excellent background activity to undertake while catching up with a friend or family member. You can brew some tea, make a snack, and make a night or an afternoon of it.

  • Make some DIY Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations.

The internet offers thousands of ideas on making your own cheap and easy decorations for the season, ranging from spooky ghosts to hang in your window to cozy decorated pumpkins to display on your dinner table or your stoop. Invite someone you love over to share the activity or spend a tranquil solo afternoon being creative.

  • Visit a local place with a wonderful view.

Don’t let the season pass you by without taking a walk towards a lake, a woodsy area, or through your favorite street with colorful fall trees, and breathing in the fresh autumnal air. Go with a friend, bring a warm drink, and take photos or simply take in the view.

  • Rent a cabin for a weekend with friends or family.

Renting a cabin with a warm outdoor tub can be a great reason to get your whole family or group of friends together for the weekend, get a change of scenery, and enjoy some memorable quality time together.

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