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The End of the Pandemic

As we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with the COVID-19 pandemic, it certainly is a strange feeling for all of us to prepare to go back to normal. During the pandemic, the term “the New Normal” became a common saying (we even had a previous article about it!). And while there are certainly some changes that will stay with us and our culture, such as routine hand-washing and hygiene for sneezes and coughs, there are others that are even now starting to fade away.

Even now, several states have entirely eliminated their mask mandates, including Senior Steps Inc.’ home state of Massachusetts. These mask mandates, so much a part of our lives for past 18 months, are finally beginning to fade away. Our lives changed so much during these events, and many of us lost friends, family, and coworkers to COVID. It won’t be easy to move on from the trauma.

But with the start of the final turn around the corner of Coronavirus, new opportunities finally arise. Social events, long banned, are returning. Restaurants are reopening. Movie theaters, sports games, and concerts are all finally coming back to us.

Although many elders persons are perhaps not as nimble as they used to be, and so may not plan on attending a hectic rock concert when they return, there are certainly activities that we have missed dearly that are. Zoom calls, the mainstay of staying in touch with family and friends, are still around but not as necessary. In-person socializing is back.

For elders especially, socialization is a critical part of long-term and overall happiness. It’s a lot different to be able to go to the park, or your favorite coffee shop (Dunkin Donuts!) with your friends and family than being forced into isolation. Social activity is one of the most critical parts of maintain a healthy and fulfilling life into elderhood, and we here at Senior Steps are very excited for the opportunity that our clients now have to resume their in-person social events.

Nursing homes will start to take visitors again, hospitals, although still strict, will allow more and more visits than we’ve seen in the previous 18 months. All of which is great news for our elder clients and their long-term health. Senior Steps is very very excited for our clients to go back to their social lives (even if they we don’t get invited to their happy-hour parties).

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