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Planning Elderhood during COVID-19

Among the concerns and thoughts that many of us are having during these stressful times, many of our elder relatives neighbors and friends are transitioning to the period of their lives where they start thinking what their elder years look like. Are they going to sell the house and move to Florida? Are they staying in the house, with a few needed additions for various health needs? Or are they moving in with children or relatives? These questions, and the concerns surrounding them, have always been a major part of planning for elderhood, but they are especially uncomfortable to discuss and think about in the time of COVID.

However, this process of planning for elderhood and the lifestyle changes that accompany that transition does not have to be difficult, or scary, or overwhelming. Questions about long-term healthcare, medication, lifestyle and living arrangements can feel like they pile up and become too much to handle. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Looking through Google for answers to some of the more complex questions about retirement and elderhood can be challenging, with dozens of different answers and situations and agencies and hypotheticals. But it doesn’t have to be that challenging or scary.

At Senior Steps, our geriatric care managers work hand-in-hand with their clients and their clients’ families to go through these questions and discussions with knowledge and experience gained over years of care management. There are very few situations our geriatric care managers have not seen and handled, and even the new and unique situations can be handled with professionalism and grace.

With COVID-19 still spreading and locking us down, it can be daunting to think about long-term health care needs or living situations for yourself, an elder relative, or an elder friend. But it doesn’t have to be. Although some things are different now, such as visitation at elder living facilities, and limited social activities, many of the concerns for elders before the pandemic can be addressed in the same way. Senior Steps specializes in managing health care and elder care issues for clients all over the Boston area, and we are happy to consult with you if you have questions or concerns for any elder person in your life.

Stay safe!

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