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Healthcare Preferences and Retirement

A recent study completed at Boston University highlighted an important issue for elder persons and especially for geriatric care managers. The study found that one of the largest factors in patients and elders not seeking out additional health resources and visits to the doctor was a sense that their preferences were not listened to or ignored.

The healthcare industry is a fast-paced and very busy environment. Especially for healthcare professionals, the volume of clients and issues to manage and overcome oftentimes leads to a decline in patient comfort. Not a decline in patient care, but a decline in overall patient satisfaction with the health services they receive and a decline in feeling like their concerns are being heard and met.

As geriatric care managers, we at Senior Steps thrive in the position of helping our clients get their health needs met in a timely and considerate manner. Although many medical professionals are handling dozens of patients and medical files at any one time, with a myriad of various issues to be addressed, Senior Steps’ geriatric care managers are focused only on the health and happiness of their clients. This means that we can focus on providing the level of satisfaction that many elders need or want in their healthcare professionals. It can sometimes feel like your questions or concerns are not being met in a busy hospital setting, or a retirement community with hundreds of residents, but Senior Steps’ role is to act as an advocate for that particular issue.

Above all, our focus at Senior Steps is on ensuring the highest quality of life for our patients. From healthcare needs, to living situations, to overall wellness, we focus on making our clients happy, healthy, and well. As care advocates, we serve as an intermediary between healthcare professionals (who may contradict each other!) and healthcare services, and our clients quality of life.

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