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Healthcare, Elderhood, and Geriatric Care Management

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States, found that over half of Medicare beneficiaries did not review their coverage or compare options each year. Although Medicare is not the only health coverage solution, the message is still the same. Many people do not thoroughly look at their health and the health coverage that they have as they head into elderhood.

As geriatric care managers, we at Senior Steps provide a comprehensive assessment for each one of our clients when they first work with us. As part of this assessment, we provide a detailed walk-through and analysis of their current coverage and alternative options that may be better for them and for their families. This process is an important part of care management, as it allows our clients to benefit more fully from their already existing coverage or choose an alternative option that offers more. In many cases, having a certified geriatric care manager can even save our clients money!

Although there are a dizzying amount of options available for healthcare, from treatment, to coverage, to doctors, to specialists, it doesn’t have to be intimidating. We work with each one of our clients and their families to determine the best options for them. And the emphasis is on “options.” We always present several choices for our clients to fit their needs. These choices are thoroughly researched and vetted by our care managers and are intended specifically to work for the individual client.

It is important to also note, that Senior Steps never takes a commission fee from any health service, medical practice, or elder living facility. We have a relationship with health facilities and elder services that is based only on our clients needs and well-being. After all, a geriatric care mManager is an advocate for elders, not for elder care services.

The guidance that we can provide at Senior Steps to navigate the sometimes-difficult process of elder health needs and living options is the foundation of our organization. We serve elders and their families and thrive especially when we can help an elder in need of assistance grow, thrive, and flourish as they enjoy their elder years.

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