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Depression and Elderhood

Although our healthcare industry is primarily structured around a clinical-based philosophy, as in the treatment and hopefully cure of acute “short term” illness, one of the more serious elements of healthcare is mental health. Not just in an acute sense, with diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer, but in a more general and long-term sense. Health issues such as fatigue and malaise can cascade into larger, more serious health problems, and it’s important to focus on the whole picture of a person’s health in order to provide the best possible health outcome.

One of the more serious dangers for person’s aging into elderhood is depression. The changes in our bodies and in our own capabilities, many of which can affect our routines and our way of life, can lead to depression and a continuing cycle of health issues.

At Senior Steps, our focus is on the entire picture of health for each of our clients. Our geriatric care managers do much, much more than simply address physical ailments as the occur. Rather, our mission as comprehensive advocates for all aspects of our patient’s health lives includes observing and managing issues that are not necessarily addressed by healthcare systems and employees.

One of the most critical issues that we look out for is Depression. Depression, as a mental ailment, does not usually manifest in physical symptoms, but it can have drastic impact on people’s overall health. The effect is even more drastic in elders, who are already more vulnerable than younger people to the harmful effects of isolation, limited physical capability, and overall health changes.

It seems scary, but with proper care management, such as that provided by Senior Steps, the serious issues that can be exacerbated or even caused by depression can be mitigated or reduced through careful screening and attention to our clients’ needs. Elder persons go through phases just like everyone else, and our geriatric care managers are there to help them and their families navigate these tough transitions.

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