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An Aging Population

In the upcoming year, the most recent United States Census will complete. The census, undertaken every 10 years, is a total count of the population of the United States, as well as specific counts by demographic, age, gender, income level, etc. The Census also affords us the opportunity for representation in government, as the House of Representatives in Washington is partitioned by population. We may see more representatives in Congress than we ever have before!

One of the most interesting bits of information that we learn from the Census each decade is the age demographics of the United States. For many years after World War II, the population exploded, leading to the generation commonly referred to as “Baby Boomers.” This generation lived through the heated culture of the 60s and 70s and matured into important leaders in our society and our economy. The average age of Baby Boomers now is 65, firmly placing the majority of that generation into retirement age. In fact, the number of Baby Boomers over age 65 has increased over 25% since the last Census in 2010, the most dramatic increase in population demographics since the Census began!

At Senior Steps, many of our clients are themselves Baby Boomers, coming out of a long successful homelife and career, and transitioning into retirement and eventually elderhood. As the first generation to begin retiring in the Internet Age, it is a new paradigm for society as a whole including geriatric care managers like us at Senior Steps.

At Senior Steps, the new Census shows an important fact as our society continues to thrive. People are always retiring, and people are always aging. As we work to help all of our clients, as well as elders as a whole, we work hard to ensure that elderhood is not a negative thing and not a sentence or something bad, but rather an exciting and fulfilling stage in all of our lives. Aging can be great! And our geriatric care managers at Senior Steps work their hardest to ensure all of our clients live healthy, fulfilling, and happy lives, no matter their situation or circumstance.

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