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Aging in place is not the best option for everyone

As we get older, important questions about our elder years and our living situation can often cause tension within families and without, including with our friends and associates. One of the most common issues that arises with the aging process is the reality of living situations, specifically the safety of staying in a home that one has lived in and maintained for decades.

It can be hard for elders to think about relocating as their health needs change and the social demographics of their lives trend towards more intimate and isolated experiences. Many elders and retirees find themselves at home, bored, without a job to keep them occupied, or children in the home to fill their day and provide social interaction. As the current pandemic, and the stay-at-home orders have shown, this sort of isolation can be very difficult, both mentally as well as physically.

As part of our assessment and our onboarding process, Senior Steps looks to have an honest conversation about the realities of living at home as an elder person. Although everyone values their independence and their own self-sufficiency, it is important to face the realities of getting older. Mundane issues such as a minor fall or forgetting your keys and locking yourself out in the winter are not so mundane when you’re older. A minor fall can turn into a major medical issue and getting locked outside in the cold (accidentally) can turn into a serious emergency. Often, bringing in home care solves many potential risks by having someone close by. Sometimes this may not be as cost effective as moving to a different environment.

Although there are plenty of elder persons who are comfortable and safe staying in their own homes, there are some who need a little more help than they needed previously. The stereotype of the horrible nursing home is admittedly scary, but for our clients at Senior Steps this is absolutely not the case. We help individuals and families chart out the best plan moving forward considering multiple factors. Senior Steps thoroughly vets every option for senior living and home health options, and we make sure all of our clients are safe, healthy, and happy, no matter where they live.

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