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The Goodness of Nursing Homes

In these difficult times of uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and the additional challenges and dangers for elders and their families, it is easy to hear stories of tragedy and sadness surrounding the elder healthcare industry, especially in assisted living and nursing homes. Stories of lack of PPE for staff, families not being permitted to visit, and healthcare needs that are not being met are commonplace especially in our crisis-driven news media. And of course, there are the horror stories of a few that make all nursing homes seem bad! But hope is not lost! As part of our role as Geriatric Care Managers, Senior Steps Inc. researches and vets numerous facilities and options for our clients. Much like in times of non-crisis, Senior Steps is invested in facilitating the best possible options for our clients and their families. This facilitating often includes options outside of nursing homes, such as home health aids, a family caregiver, or a retirement community that fits within the wishes of our clients and most importantly, their safety.

It's easy to feel a sense of fear when talking about nursing homes and assisted living, whether as an elder or as the child or relative of an elder. With our years of experience navigating the challenges of elderhood, Senior Steps is very familiar with the facilities and practices of many facilities throughout the South Shore. But most importantly, we are always focused on the health and well-being of elders. There are good nursing homes, there are even great nursing homes, and we always strive to provide for our clients the best possible care and the highest quality of life that we can possibly provide.

In these trying times and conditions, with Covid-19 and it’s dangers in the forefront of many people’s minds, Senior Steps, Inc. is focused and dedicated to providing a level of safety and wellbeing that can assuage many of the fears surrounding the elderhood transition. In many cases, Nursing Homes can be a place of good, and we ensure our clients are always heading towards happy, healthy elder years.

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