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Injuries from falling cause 90% of non-fatal ER visits

Recent statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia showed a very interesting fact about the common reasons for emergency room visits for persons over 65. Statistics from 2018 showed that over 90% of emergency room visits are the direct result of a fall or injury resulting from a fall. This is very significant!

As geriatric care managers at Senior Steps, the risk of falling is one of the major factors that we look out for when completing an assessment for our clients. Although many elders will certainly feel comfortable on their feet and have no acute issues that can impair mobility, the reality is that age contributes to a decrease in our muscle coordination and a higher risk of serious injury from a fall. We’ve all seen a young child take a tumble and bounce back up as if nothing happened, tumbles that would cause major injury to an adult. Well the opposite is true in many cases for older persons. Simple and seemingly mundane falls can cascade into far more serious health issues and a more dire long-term prognosis.

At Senior Steps, fall risk is a major part of our process when going through a clients home and living situation. Are there unstable steps in the house? Are there tight corners that are hard to navigate? Are the stairs in need of repair or update? Along with our complete assessment to determine overall health prognosis and healthcare needs, this home assessment provides our clients with a significantly lower risk of falling and therefore a much better long-term prognosis.

It may seem like a good idea to skateboard around the house when you’re 11 years old, but it’s not the best idea when you’re at retirement age or older. Even walking up a set of stairs

without a handrail can be a bigger risk than many of us realize. So be careful!

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