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Helpful Technology for Elders

Each year it seems like some new invention or gadget or app has taken society by storm. From TikTok’s rise among younger people, to all the new streaming platforms showing hundreds of our favorite movies and tv shows, it seems like the unceasing march of progress always brings us some new technology or media for us to learn. It can be overwhelming! However, there are some amazing new technologies that can help elder persons and their families live healthier and worry-free. Some of these are below:

Amazon Alexa:

By now most everyone knows about Amazon’s Alexa and the amazing technology behind the voice-activated home assistant. You can order things just by speaking, set your lights to turn on and off at certain times, and even set reminders for daily activities or social engagements. But Amazon also offers a service called Alexa Together, where you and your loved one can have synced accounts. You can set up routines for your elder relative, check in on them throughout the day, and even ensure their household needs are taken care of on a schedule that you set. Check it out at

Apple AirTags

Have you ever run into the classic problem of losing something around the house? Keys, your bag, your phone, all seem to disappear at the most inopportune moments. This can be especially frustrating as an elder. However, there are solutions! One of the most interesting options are AirTags from Apple. These are simple, cheap devices that attach to keychains, items, devices, anything really! At the tap of a button, each Airtag can make a noise to highlight their location and even display where they are on a map on your phone. Finding things gets a little bit easier and more manageable when you have them. Check them out here:


By now most of us have heard of a Roomba, a robotic vacuum that motors itself around your home, sweeping up dirt and dust from the floors and carpets. It may seem indulgent for those us perfectly able to pick up a broom and sweep by hand, or vacuum ourselves, but for elders who may have issues with mobility, it can make a big difference. Properly set up, a Roomba can even keep an automatic schedule for cleaning, making sure that you or your elder relatives home stays clean and swept, even if the humans in the house forget (which happens all too often to all of us!). Although a bit pricy, a Roomba can make a big difference in house cleanliness for an elder person. Mess = stress and being able to use technology to make mess less of an issue can be a godsend. Check it out here:

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