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A Geriatric Care Manager’s Role In Managing Seniors’ Legal Affairs

Managing legal matters can feel like an overwhelming, looming part of getting one’s affairs in order as they age, especially whenever a serious health condition is thrown into the mix or when a person finds themselves no longer able to continue to live independently in their own home. It becomes increasingly important to have their finances and wishes written out, a living will in place, and it can sometimes feel like an enormous undertaking. Geriatric care managers play a vital role in assisting elderly individuals with this complex aspect of aging. From estate planning to healthcare directives, they offer invaluable support in ensuring that legal matters are addressed and organized efficiently, giving seniors and their families peace of mind.

One of the first steps in the process is for the geriatric care manager to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the elderly individual's legal situation. This includes reviewing existing legal documents, such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, and identifying any gaps or areas that need attention. Based on the assessment, geriatric care managers work with the elderly person and their family to develop a personalized plan for getting their legal affairs in order. This may involve drafting or updating wills, creating trusts, establishing advance directives, and organizing financial and legal documents. The manager can also help identify potential legal issues that might need to be addressed, such as issues related to Medicaid planning.

A significant advantage to working with a team of Geriatric Care Managers is that the good ones have an extensive network of legal professionals specializing in elder law. They can connect the elderly client and their family with experienced attorneys who are well-versed in the legal needs of seniors. These attorneys can provide legal advice and draft or update legal documents as needed. Geriatric Care Managers emphasize the importance of advance directives, such as living wills and durable powers of attorney for healthcare and financial matters. They work with the elderly individual to establish these directives, which are crucial for ensuring that their wishes are respected in case they become incapacitated.

As time goes on, legal matters may change due to evolving circumstances, such as changes in health, financial status, or family dynamics. Here, another benefit to working with Geriatric Care Managers is that they provide ongoing oversight and support for legal affairs, ensuring that documents remain up to date and continue to align with the elderly person's wishes. In situations where legal disputes or complications arise, they can act as advocates for the elderly individual. They ensure that their rights are protected and that their legal matters are handled in their best interests.

Managing legal matters and getting one's affairs in order is a crucial aspect of aging, and geriatric care managers play an indispensable role in this process. Their expertise in assessing, planning, recommending legal professionals, and overseeing legal affairs ensures that elderly individuals have the legal protections they need. This not only provides peace of mind to the seniors but also eases the burden on their families, who can rest assured that their loved ones' legal matters are well-organized and addressed.

Geriatric care managers serve as trusted partners for seniors in managing their legal affairs, ensuring that their wishes are honored, and their rights are protected, ultimately allowing them to age with dignity and confidence.

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