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Senior Steps new Offering

In these challenging times, caring for our loved ones while balancing other life responsibilities can be daunting and overwhelming. Senior Steps believes that having access to reliable and useful information in a timely manner can help alleviate those concerns.

While most of our Geriatric Care Management is focused on personal, hands-on relationships with our elder clients and their families, the circumstances of today have limited our usual routines and methods. However, this does not mean that our clients and their families are out of reach or that Senior Steps cannot provide continued service and consultation.

Senior Steps is now offering Virtual Consultation and Assessment as part of our role as Geriatric Care Managers. With this Virtual consult, done over video-chat or other communication methods, we can provide a full-featured overview of a specific issue to be addressed or an upcoming problem that we can help rectify. These consultations are offered by our Geriatric Care Managers on staff, and can be scheduled by emailing or calling us at 617-405-8796.

Questions we can help with:

  • How can we care for an elder family member when we return to work?

  • What additional precautions should we take in light of the ongoing pandemic?

  • When is additional medical help needed for my elder relative?

  • How do I set up a virtual conference with elders?

  • How can we ensure our elder relatives are safe and well-cared for?

  • How can we advocate for our relatives who may be in an assisted living facility or nursing home?


Managing Covid-19 precautions around elders

With the continuing strict guidelines for interacting with health-compromised and elder patients, it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the precautions and procedures necessary for managing elder persons. Whether it be a relative, a friend, or just someone close, we can walk you through the steps and precautions that should be taken in interacting with immune-compromised and elder persons, especially in these trying times. We offer a half-hour consult over Zoom or over the phone to go through specifics to a particular case or situation.

Navigating Assisted Living changes with Covid-19

Assisted living and Nursing homes have been some of the hardest hit industries and communities during the Coivd-19 pandemic. As part of our role as Geriatric Care Managers, we thoroughly vet each and every assisted living facility that is an appropriate and desirable match for our clients and their health and personal needs. In regard to Covid-19, we also ensure that whatever facility we would recommend is following proper procedures for the pandemic, which includes a personal visitation and communication with management staff and personnel. We offer a half-hour consult over Zoom or over the phone to go through the specifics of your particular case or the case of a relative.

Covid-19 and other Health Issues

Covid-19 affects everyone, but it is well-known that those with prior health issues and certain risk factors are at a much higher danger of severe complications. Issues such a weakened immune system, obesity, lung function issues, as well as others are all risk factors for Covid-19 Complications. Although proper precautions are by far the greatest defense we have against Coivd-19, it is important to have a solid knowledge base of the possible issues that can arise for each individual and their particular case. We offer a half-hour Zoom or phone consult to discuss specifics for you and your case or the case of a relative.

Visiting and Socializing with Elders during Covid-19

One of the most frustrating aspects of the Cvoid-19 pandemic is the limited availability of visitation for elders and their families. Due to the increased risk of serious complications for elders and those with health issues, many elder care facilities have severely limited the ability for family members or friends to visit. In many cases, even Geriatric Care Managers are having difficulty visiting their clients in a quarantined facility. However, there are a variety of different methods to socialize and visit, virtually or otherwise, that can offer some relief in these stressful times. We offer a half-hour to an hour consultation to determine the best option for visitation for our clients, whether it be a distanced visit (from a balcony, or virtually) or a specific exception, for each particular case.


Senior Steps offers a full range of Care Management Services.​

​We provide care to seniors and their families on Boston's South Shore. The practice, Senior Steps, Navigating Transitions in Later Life, provides guidance, advocacy, education, and coaching to secure the very best medical and home care for clients. With a background in both education and nursing, we build a team of personal and professional support unique to each client in living life where and how they wish. 

Carolyn Walsh bridges her background in education and nursing to provide comprehensive assessment and recommendations for senior clients and their families.  Carolyn’s experience caring for the elderly in both clinical environments and home settings provides the expertise to consult, advise and guide on both acute care needs, as well as managing and meeting needs over time. With a unique sense of appreciation for each season of life, Carolyn will guide you to experience the very best during these later years.

Senior Steps offers care consultations in person, by phone, or through e-mail. 

What is a Care Consultation? 
A Care Consultation is an in-depth, personalized service for individuals and families who are facing many decisions and challenges associated with aging and related disorders. The goal is for each family to develop a better understanding of needs, make a plan to secure needed care, and develop strategies for the best possible care management and communication. Consultations are provided in person, by phone, or through email. 

How do I schedule a Care Consultation?

To schedule a care consultation, you can fill out our contact form here, email, or call us at 617-405-8796. We always make sure to respond within 24 hours.

Care Management is at the heart of what we do. 

What is Care Management?

Care management is a set of activities intended to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by enhancing coordination of care, eliminate duplication, and helping patients and caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. These efforts have demonstrated potential to improve quality of life and control costs for patients. 

What are the activities of Care Management?

Care management includes all aspects of monitoring and assisting in senior care. Medication review, discharge from hospital to rehab, rehab to home, advocacy, education, are just some of the aspects of Senior Steps Care Management. Reviewing medications, speaking with doctors and other healthcare professionals, educating clients and family members to ask the right questions, empowers you to have full knowledge and understanding of appropriate care and treatment. Senior Steps makes sure you have control over your care!


Senior Steps ensures that each patient receives personalized care to fit their needs and wants. We work with patients and their families to create the best action plan for each individual. 

Advocating for our clients is our #1 priority.

How does Senior Steps Advocate? 

During transitions from home to a new living environment, or from the hospital to rehab, Senior Steps will advocate for the client's best interests. By monitoring medical, physical, emotional, and even social areas, Senior Steps will ensure optimum care and attention to client needs. Clients and families can rest assured Senior Steps is looking out for their best interests.

Senior Steps works with clients and their families to educate and understand. 


Navigating later life can bring all sorts of challenges ...and opportunities!   Knowing the options to make appropriate, healthy, beneficial transitions and change with living, social, medical, financial and legal arrangements is essential for best results.  Senior Steps offers the expertise in the field of senior care that will save time and frustration.

Cutting Costs

Senior Steps has worked with all areas affecting seniors.  Navigating the various elements and services available can cost unnecessary time and money!  With a one time assessment Senior Steps works with you to develop a plan of care, anticipating needs over time.  Senior Steps also works with clients and families offering recommendations for home care services, new living arrangements, legal advisors, financial planners,  even social activities. As a liaison for these types of services, Senior Steps will help clients avoid costly mistakes.

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