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Is Hiring A Geriatric Care Management Company Worth It?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

For many families, the hang up about hiring a geriatric care management company is the perceived cost. While widely (though, falsely) thought to be unattainable for lower- and middle-class families, the services of a geriatric care management firm can save families thousands of dollars with thorough planning, expert preventative care, and elimination of trial and error. Having a team of elderly care experts alongside you means receiving the highest quality of care and advocacy, avoiding scams targeting seniors, and being referred to the best free, inexpensive, and/or insurance covered resources available in your community.

Certain common situations with your older parent, relative, or loved one can be a definite sign that you can benefit from consulting with a geriatric care manager. Some examples include:

  • Increasing difficulty in providing care

Worsening health in an elder can mean a decline in a caregiver’s ability to provide adequate care and can lead to dangerous burnout. If your older loved one is experiencing symptoms of dementia/Alzheimer’s, mobility issues, serious illness, or a mental condition preventing them from independently performing their basic living activities, it’s imperative to treat the situation with the urgency it calls for. While a doctor or mental health practitioner can provide general care instructions, a geriatric care management team can work closely with them to provide a deeper assessment and determine the best plan of action on your end.

  • Family members living far apart

Many people choose not to leave their primary residence, hometown, or community in old age, and it can be logistically difficult for family members to help coordinate care living far away or when traveling. Having a geriatric care management team present to visit the senior’s home or assisted living facility can bring peace of mind and do wonders for managing appointments, transportation, and many aspects of daily living.

  • Family tensions and indecisiveness issues

Old age can bring on an array of difficult conversations that must be had within a family. Disagreements regarding living arrangements, finances, and healthcare can lead to inaction and end up costing time, money, and a chunk of mental wellbeing for everyone involved. Geriatric care managers are trained to factor in cultural and religious ideologies and traditions and can act as impartial facilitators, educating the family on all available options and resources and bringing conflicts to a satisfactory resolution by prioritizing the most pressing issues and providing real solutions with timely follow-through.

  • Mistrust in the healthcare system and legal and financial institutions

Systematic elder abuse is well documented within many establishments meant to serve and protect seniors and as a result, many families have doubts about medical, financial, and legal advice and whether they are receiving the best possible level of care. A geriatric care management team is comprised not only of healthcare professionals, but also of trained social workers capable of advocating for their clients and overseeing a variety of provided services to ensure quality and adequate charges. A great geriatric firm operates on a person-centered approach, prioritizing bodily autonomy and putting the client’s wishes first. They can recommend trusted sources of legal and financial services and act as a liaison with insurance companies to ensure all possible coverage is provided.

If you believe any, or all, of these circumstances apply to you or your family, please call Senior Steps inc. for a FREE consultation today!

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